I’ve been ridiculously busy of late. The first key thing looming on the horizon is the Bristol South Open 50 Mile TT. It’s the second year i’ve organised this race and it’s quite time consuming. I changed the course after last year’s issues. I’m optimistic that there will be lovely weather and everyone will enjoy the race.

I’ve also moved house since the last blog post. Currently, cycling is taking a back seat. I’ve managed to ride to work a couple of times this week and last week, but that’s the sum total of my endeavours and I haven’t raced for what seems like an age. I have a few entries in – i might get to do a strange hillclimb road race this weekend, but maybe not. It depends on how i’m feeling ahead of Sunday’s promotion. I then have a batch of road races leading up the Colin Carfield, the toughest road race of the calendar.

In the meantime, i have been enjoying riding my bob jackson. this morning i saw a balloon over Clifton. It was so low i could have held a conversation with the pilot and passengers. It reminded me of the opening of Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. It’s a great first scene, but the rest of the book is beyond irritating.


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