Back in the Space Helmet

Normality has returned. I’ve been seen wearing a space helmet whilst perched precariously on a bike that looks like an alien. Yesterday i headed off to Gillingham to ride their absurdly hilly ten mile time trial. I was looking forward to it. I even factored in some time to ride the course before hand so that i wouldn’t miss any turns and thus get lost and miss the chance of a win and a course record and all that jazz. The fatal flaw in this otherwise perfect plan was that during the warm up lap/pathfinding mission i managed to miss a turn and end up somewhere strange in the Dorset countryside, utterly lost, with only confused and blinking yokels offering utterly useless advice. I missed my start time having gone 7 miles in the wrong direction. Nevertheless i managed to do a hilly 17 miles at about a 23mph average. I was racing to get back and hopefully get a ride, but by the time i did make it back the timekeepers had moved to the finish. Ed Pitt said it even trumped the time i went off course in a hardrider and ended up 9 miles adrift; at least it was in a race that time. I had my suspicions when i found myself hooning it up Malmesbury high street in full aero bongo amidst some bemused and startled and very middle england shoppers. Meanwhile down at the lake the BSCC were knocking out PBs like frantic schoolboys sequestered beneath a grubby duvet with a copy of Razzle.

By way of recompense i headed out to the graveyard tonight for the Dursley evening 10. It’s the only way. When times get rough and the course gets confusing, the graveyard beckons. It was a blowy old night, fast out, revolting back. I smashed it to the turn at around 31mph, then grovelled my way back, just clinging on to my aim of a 28mph ride for a 21.29. It’s very much in the right ballpark and makes me feel positive because i’m clearly riding well, hiatus or no hiatus. Ed Trotman and Ed Pitt were both there, doing the usual thing, namely smashing their PBs to little pieces. Ed’s had quite a week. he has been upping the gear inch by inch and is now on 110″ or so. He started the season on 84″ or thereabouts. At this rate of improvement he’ll be on a 208″ by hillclimb season.

trotters leaves it all out on the road.

This weekend i have a road race. I shall be seeking to try and overturn my 100% DNF/DNS record. It is a training ride for the rank misery that is the Colin Carfield Road Race in about two weeks time.

falfield, AKA the graveyard

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