Bike Booms, Bradley Wiggins, British Cycling and Will Fotheringham

In the previous post i wrote about the current high watermark in British Cycling and the exponential growth in public interest and participation. I suspect further British success will elevate cycling even higher in the collective consciousness.

Today I gave a gallery talk at MShed alongside the Easton Cowboys, a fantastically anarchic football collective. We ranged across a range of topics and the comparisons and contrasts between the two clubs were fascinating. Eventually the conversation came round to the tour and I got the odd feeling that most of the people there knew not just who Bradley Wiggins was, but also Chris Froome. It was slightly surreal. They also had developed a working knowledge of the reasons why Froome sat up when he apparently had the stage victory in his grasp.

Bradley Wiggins is emblazoned across the front page of the Guardian Weekend Sports pages, ahead of the not-racist at all John Terry. Will Fotheringham has also written an excellent article on the Guardian website looking at the rise in British Cycling in depth. It’s well worth a read. The only thing he’s missed out is the effect of the cycle to work scheme which is a key part of the resurgence in cycling. He does make this link in his concise article in Cyclopedia though.

The below-the-line comments seem to be the usual mix of militantly out-there advocacy and statistical madness. There is a common thread though, the need for some kind of change in culture in terms of both driving and town planning. Maybe this will be the next step.

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