Severn TT

I rode the Severn evening 10 yesterday. I haven’t done it before and it’s quite a technical little course. I managed a 20.45 on the slightly under distance course. I was a little bit disappointed, but i think my legs are heavy from the weekend – they certainly feel that way this morning – and i need to recover a bit more. I was in a bit of a bad mood because i couldn’t find the HQ, i ended up riding around the lanes of South Gloucestershire for ages, then when i did find it could only get a late start slot, meaning a wait of about 2 hours – the very thing i wanted to avoid with this excessively popular TT. They regularly get upwards of 60 riders. It must swell the club coffers. I owe them a pound, for some reason I was short. They let me ride in the end.

It’s easy to get frustrated when time trialling; yesterday seemed like a perfect evening and I made the mistake of thinking I was going to super-fast as a result, but didn’t. It’s still quite quick, 28.5mph or so, but i need to be more reflective about these races.

I rode out and back, it was very warm. I saw this amazing mural in Olveston:

And also came across this very old road sign, still pointing the way towards the Aust Ferry…

Freddie beat me by one second. He’s flying at the moment. He also has Bernie Eisel’s old Specialized Shiv, which is an absolutely filthy piece of bike smut.

Freddie’s bike in a past life

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