Wiggins Time Trial Victory

I watched the Olympic TT in a flat in Geneva via a slightly shonky internet feed in french. I felt very cosmopolitan. The commentary consisted of a whole lot of ‘ooh la la, c’est vite’ along with some curious Franglais along the lines of ‘here we go wiggo’, repeated several times. The commentary team seemed in awe of the way of Wiggins overhauled the early time deficit and then put everyone to the sword. I certainly was. I was even more impressed that he did all of this on a dodgy looking TT frame, a million miles from his usual Pinarello.

The crowds were incredible. it must be an incredible feeling to ride through a wall of noise, 10 deep, along almost all of the course. the eternal irony is that in this most spectacular event the key participant, St Bradley of Wiggins, has no time to enjoy the experience. Maybe he can watch it back and relive it from a distance. I imagine he’s having a drink this evening.

It made me love time trials all the more; they are a purist’s discipline, the apotheosis of the sport, the race of truth. The results sheet is in from my ‘contre la montre’ at the weekend, I came 5th, which is considerably higher than i thought and qualifies as a very good result. I’ve put my time down on my entry for the British Time Trial Championships which is a month away; with any luck Wiggins will be riding, or Froome, or Thomas, or Millar, or maybe even all of them. That would be something special.

Tomorrow i’m planning on tackling the Joux Plane. I’m very excited. It’s steep as hell.

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  1. That dodgy time trial frame is a ludicrously expsensive frame custom made exclusively for British Cycling. – http://bicycling.com/blogs/boulderreport/2012/07/27/britains-mysterious-olympic-bikes/

    Its all a bit weird – rules state you have to ride on production euipment. British Cycling’s custom made super bikes never used to be available to the public, now they are available as ‘special orders’ for an undisclosed price to try to comply with the rules.

    The rumour is one frame is 15 thousand pounds.

    1. thanks for all the info.

      the phrase ‘dodgy time trial bike’ was resolutely tongue in cheek. although with that margin of victory it’s entirely feasible that Brad would have won on a bicycle-shaped object.

      interesting to see that lizzie armitstead was on her cervelo for the road race.

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