Providence Lane

Today’s slice of unrelenting masochism took in Providence Lane in Long Ashton. It’s about 1300 yards long and it rises steeply over the first 400 yards, before easing slightly. it then pitches up again, eases, with a final ramp over the top. It’s technical and difficult to get right, which makes it good to train on. When riding fixed on a climb there are times when you’re undergeared and times when you’re overgeared; managing this is the key to success. I put an 18t cog on the back to give me a 60″ ratio. It was tall initially, but once over the horrible first bit it becomes more sensible. All in, it was 1200ft of climbing in 5 miles. Very quickly.

very steep bit

I rode up and down it four times, hitting it hard each time.  I even took my helmet off and turned my cap around, that’s how serious i was.  I felt vaguely nauseous for about 45 minutes afterwards. And i don’t think i really really went for it. I tried to, but i didn’t manage to absolutely muller it. I think it was close, my breathing was ragged and i was hurting. The 2nd and 3rd repetitions were the hardest, the legs were full of lactic and there was no end in sight. I was spotted by members of the Clevedon who were driving down the hill in their team bus just as i was pausing for breath prior to the 4th assault.

Tomorrow i’m riding the Dursely Club event on Stout’s Hill. I shall ride fixed, but it’s not really the right bike for the course by dint of the first 200 metres being flat. After that i’m off to yorkshire to do a 10 mile time trial, where all the 5s and 10s have ridden quicker than 20 minutes this year. I am on a 10. The event closed on a 21.25. Crazy. I shall also be factoring some reconnaissance on Jackson Bridge, Holme Moss and The Rake.

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