VC Walcot

After a really tough week i opted not to drive a long way and tackle a 30 mile time trial. last night i went out and had an ale with friends. I was feeling a bit despondent about hillclimbs and the nefarious effects work can have. Today, instead of racing on a dual carriageway somewhere, i opted to ride my bike in the sunshine, an unexpected pleasure, and lazed around indolently.

Tomorrow is the VC Walcot event on American Avenue near Bath, followed by the Cadence RT promotion a little bit further out. the fixed wheel hill killer is getting an outing for the first time this year and I’m quite excited. I have no expectations, the hills are a bit short and explosive for my liking, but it will be good to ride. The BSCC outfit is absurdly strong and i suspect i won’t even be the 3rd counter if we do take the team prize.

I rode the VC Walcot event 2 years ago, also on fixed. It’s the same bike, but it’s had a fairly radical overhaul and is now yellow instead of blue, along with a heck of a lot of other modifications. The picture below was taken by Tim Holsgrove. Interestingly, i am bearded again.

I’m hoping (against hope) that next week will see more gains and less disappointment in terms of time on the bike, and the work/cycling/life balance will realign nicely. It’s two weeks till Burrington, the highlight of my season, and only three weeks until the National. Yikes! 5 Races to go!

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