Burrington Combe

This sunday sees the penultimate race of a very long season, the BSCC open hill climb on Burrington Combe. After that, there will be just 3 minutes of penury to go.

No more 5am starts, endless training rides before and after work, restricted calorific intake, enforced abstinence from alcoholic beverage and epic drives to random places for very short cycling events. We have a post-season Ale Rave already lined up. Picture the scene: 10 racing cyclists out on the lash. The pub crawl will be over before it even starts, one pint of 3.2% real ale should get me blotto. 2 pints and i’ll be wobbling like a one-legged medieval peasant. I suspect some of the other putative ale-ravers have already hit the bottle. Kieran is doing cyclo-cross, as far as I know you have to be drunk already to ride rough stuff. Christian has been on a pizza and micro-brewery tour of the USA with chums. At least he’s on the startsheet, i’m looking forward to seeing him gurn his way up there in the big ring, big willy style.

i’m hoping to improve on my previous best placing; a top 5 will do. I’m going to have my work cut out, not least from the other super fast clubmates. I will be riding 64.2″.

John Kempe


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