BSCC Ale Rave

Last night assorted members of the Bristol South met up in the city centre to toast the end of the season. There were about 12 club members lined up for the last competitive outing of the year. To cut a long story short, a season of abstinence from alcohol and intense fitness training, coupled with a healthy v02max and fairly restrictive diet, does not prepare the body for the physical demands of an Ale Rave.

The intention was to visit lots of different hostelries that partake of the Ale. We started at the Seven Stars which is a proper CAMRA cave. Next up was Brew Dog, a really strange new bar that is tapping into the exponential growth in craft ale and UK brewing. It’s slightly at odds with the traditional nature of real ale; they know their marketing and seem to pitch their establishment at a completely different crowd. Christian partook of the Tokyo, it had him wobbling. Kieran and Christian were locked in a real ale arms race, with each one trying to outbid the other by sneakily buying some horrifically strong concoction. That was about as far as the evening went. We spent the time comparing stories and talking about our highlights of the season. It confused random strangers; drunk men talking exclusively about bike racing to the detriment of everything else.

Today I have a hangover of doom. It is pressing against my temples and producing waves of fear and nausea. I resorted to dry toast after an ill-advised coffee first thing. I cannot even look at my bicycle, let alone go and watch the Hacksaws Challenge. I may try and get out on the club run tomorrow, we shall see.

I can only conclude that I have somehow poisoned myself. I cannot handle the depths of the hangover.

Winter training starts next week.

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  1. back in 1994 when i had just joined the job i do now , the seven stars was a real dive and to get punters in used to have barmaids in basques on a friday ….. scared for life

      1. in answer to your question, both !! the guy on our course from the gambia had never seen the like before and stood slack jawed in amazement

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