Mud on Road

This morning took me out of Bristol to Clapton in Gordano, across the lanes under the M5 to Clevedon, across the flats to Yatton, through Wrington, followed by a long climb up to the top of the Mendips via Shipham and Longbottom, across the Roman lead mines at Charterhouse and then down through Bishop Sutton, skirting the edge of the lake then past the Cove at Stanton Drew before circling back into Bristol via Norton Malreward. I opted for gears because that was what the others would be riding, although in the end i went out on my own because i woke up early. I had an alarm malfunction – it was still set to work time.  By the time base club got moving at 8.30 I’d already done 25 miles. In the end i managed about 50 miles and was home by 10.15.

At 7 o’ clock it was incredibly quiet. I saw no other cyclists and barely any traffic. I saw 2 buzzards, a kestrel, a deer at close quarters, several squirrels and today’s roadkill item of the day was a misshapen rat.

The roads were absolutely filthy after last night’s deluge. I can’t imagine riding without mudguards.


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