The endlessly controversial and internecine potential of the crud guard vs race blade battle

Reviews of kit tend to drive a lot of traffic to a blog. i haven’t written a lot of reviews, essentially only those cycling items that have had a profoundly positive effect on my cycling, but the few reviews I have written are popular posts.

Some time ago, in the depths of last winter, I wrote a review that was a direct comparison of crud guards and race blade longs. The general consensus was, and still is, that race blade longs are in an entirely different league to their predecessors, the common-or-garden race blade. There is also a fairly clear groundswell of opinion in favour of the race blade long over the markedly inferior and shonky crudguard mark 2. But, each to his own, and if you come over all moist over the plastic stylings of a set of cruds and relish the sound of faux-mudguards rubbing against rubber, then so be it.

However, some people have very strong feelings about plastic mudguards. They see this is a definitive and all-important issue, way above such minor quibbles as ‘campagnolo or shimano?’, or ‘is there ever a time when jumping a red light becomes an unemotive internet topic and thus a wider part of a pragmatic approach to road safety?’.

Damien is one of those cyclists and he has sagely decided to offer this incisive contribution to the thorny and ongoing ‘blade Vs crud’ war:

Damien commented on Crud Catcher Mk 2 vs SKS Race BladesYou are an idiot and haven’t tested these properly like I have and raceblades are retardedApprove  Trash | Mark as Spam

It’s nice that a member of an established cycling club might choose to comment on a fairly benign blog from a member of another cycling club in such an erudite manner. On such foundations lengthy friendships are forged and the fellowship of the road broadened. Mr Damien clearly has superior powers of product testing gleaned from the hardriding of his local 3/4 cat, pan-flat, closed-circuit bun run. He has also identified the fatal flaw in race blade long design: their inherent retardation. Not only that, but he has picked up on the fact that the key element in the success or failure of a product is the intelligence quotient of the user.

I am minded to make Damien the resident reviewer for this blog. It would keep things simple. Anyone who doesn’t have a positive experience with a product can be dismissed as an idiot who doesn’t ride it properly like Damien does. All those brutal efforts on the savage parcours of the Hillingdon and Hog Hill Circuits have forged a testing temperament of solid steel. Damien always rides it properly.

Coming soon: Damien properly compares “Le Chagrin et la Pitié” and “Nuit et Brouillard” like only he can, before succinctly deciding which is better.

16 thoughts on “The endlessly controversial and internecine potential of the crud guard vs race blade battle

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  1. Full length SKS on winter bike with proper clearances and bosses and 25 / 28 tractor tyres…or GTFO. Unless you never get further out of town than the by-pass / ring road / orbital motorway. You are both idiots. In the latest version of the Wechsler Intelligence Quotient test, you get marked down severely for defining a mudguard and/or winter bike as anything else.

      1. My winter bike lives on my turbo when indoors, and mudflaps – if effectively long – interfere with the turbo roller, so I don’t bother. F*ck knows people can move to the side when following me past a dairy farm, as the majority I ride with are guardless / have idiotic clip-ons, so I constantly have to be, erm, on guard when riding behind them.

  2. Better than mudguards…get a mtb or crosser and get muddy. It’s fun! or am I being retarded..?

    What does GTFO mean BTW?

  3. Finally somebody speaks some sense on this blog. Raceblades and all other mudguards are retarded. Just shove a bin bag down the inside of your bib shorts to stop the road spray soaking your arse … you idiot.

    1. If one has four bikes and three have mudguards does that put one further down the retards food chain?. possibly the looney bin.

  4. Can you start a weekly or monthly feature with your guest commenter? Kind of agony aunt style? We could all write in for advice.

    First up….
    What is the best gear inches for me to ride?


  5. …can Damien (wasn’t that the name of the kid in the Antichrist?) actually enlighten us as how one tests a raceblade ‘properly’, as opposed to your improper testing?

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