Fashioning an Extremely Long Mud Flap From Society’s Leftovers In A Spirit Of Organic Austerity

Full mudguards are the answer to any number of questions, but particularly the inherently controversial poser: “Which is better, Race blade or crud?”. Thus far, as we have seen, only one person is sufficiently qualified to make that judgement; us lesser secret cyclists lack the skills and aptitude to test things properly.

Full mudguards do, nevertheless, have one minor issue. The gap from the end of the rear guard to the road surface is a yawning chasm that allows a substantial amount of road spray up into the eyes and face of the following rider. The only way to solve this problem is to fit an extended mudflap. It’s a growth cottage industry and there a number of inventive ways to fit a flap.

the 57th mudflap tested by Car Free Days

I opted for a 4 pint milk container. it has just the right blend of rigidity and ‘give’ and is pre-shaped to curve around the back wheel. I expect the other members of base club to thank me for my efforts on tomorrow’s filthy lane ride. I will test for rear wheel spatter and then write a full review of this very expensive piece of übertech.

Organic Milk Mud Flap. Maybe it might keep the cows away.

As things currently stand i suspect that by Easter I will be a fully fledged member of the Audax fraternity with a dyno-hub front, 28mm tyres and SPD sandals. Party on!

6 thoughts on “Fashioning an Extremely Long Mud Flap From Society’s Leftovers In A Spirit Of Organic Austerity

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  1. So elegant it made me weep. Furthermore, by not using rubber (like I did) you won’t suffer from the dreaded ladyboy effect, where the big floppy mudflap tucks under the mudguard, usually mid bumpy descent.

    However, I am going to have to deduct a point for not fitting it to the front mudguard – sod the person behind you, what about your chain!

    1. front mudguard comes with a plastic mud flap in situ. i am considering an extension.

      took me a while, but i think i can visualise what you mean by ‘the ladyboy effect’.

  2. So you joining the audax fraternity, this is good news! Just grow your fingernails too long and don’t clean your teeth for a month, then you’ll fit right in

  3. Hey hey! I made something very similar out of gaffer tape for some old guards I found that were missing them recently. Not quite as long as yours though.

    I offered to make Ed T some for his mudguards for the small sum of £30 complete with Brooks logo (written in Sharpie).

    It was a point of discussion on the Hamilton Wheelers Sunday ride as Ed and I were the only ones with mudguards, but both got covered in crap courtesy of the others.

    You can also make Fixie guards out of 2 litre water bottles. Cut the bottle in half lengthways keeping the cap intact. Drill a hole through the cap and mount onto rear brake bridge so it’s sticking out over the rear wheel. Good for the rider. Still rubbish for anyone behind.

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