Gorelander: there can be only one (aka Gore Path 2.0 review)

Kieran is currently in my bad books after he gave some bad advice on club secretarial matter. He also claimed I ‘fail at internet’. However, this has been offset slightly because he has also given me some non-duff gen relating to the purchase of a bike jacket.

I recently took the plunge and spent a large whack of my hard-earned cash on a very shiny red jacket made by Gore. It is called “The Gorepath”. I have now worn it for the past three commutes. I can state the following things with some properness:

1. It is exceptionally waterproof. In fact, it seems as though it repels the water away with some sort of ionizing coating. It’s the most waterproof thing i have ever worn.

2. it fits well without being too tight. It doesn’t seem to flap around at all and is long enough in the sleeve and the body. I am 6″1 and have gone for the medium. It’s somewhere between a club and race fit.

3. it’s about as breathable a jacket as I have worn. that isn’t to say it’s completely breathable. yesterday i wore it with a long sleeve merino base layer and a jersey. I rode for an hour to work, riding at around tempo. By the time i arrived at work there was some moisture build-up on the inside of the jacket. It wasn’t quite boil-in-the-bag, but it was noticeable. This morning was much cooler and it was not an issue.

This jacket has immediately replaced my existing altura luminous commuting jacket. It is also suitable for longer road rides, but with careful layering underneath. I recommend it.

Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez extends a paternal arm and silently recognises that the bequeathed Gorepath jacket affords his protege an advantage in the epochal fight with the immortals in the Quickening. Macleod will contend with only minor condensation whilst remaining impervious to rain. There can be only one.

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