The First Real Target

I’ve been thinking about targets for next season. It’s been tricky; I don’t doubt that it’s going to be very different and I’m certainly not going to be travelling to all corners in search of freaky fast stretches of tarmac. The adage will be quality over quantity. Generally I find I need to set a few goals in order to give shape and structure to my training. I drift if riding without a sense of purpose in the background.

I came second in the Western District Hardrider competition with 717 points out of ¬†maximum of 720. I’d like to focus on these events again, not necessarily to win the series, which may be out of reach, but to improve times. I also really enjoy them. They are relatively local.

I’d like to try and ride for 25 miles in a shade under 50 minutes. This will require some very specific work, but the hardrider series should help. I may dabble once again in the odd road race, but haven’t the time or inclination to really set about preparing for regular 60+ mile races.

Last but not least, I am aiming to get a top 20 placing at the National Hill Climb Championship on the Stang.

That’s it.

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