On Off Switch

I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on the blogging front of late. i apologise if you were waiting for the latest installment in breathless anticipation, all two of you. I’m finding it hard to write much at the moment because most of my energy is being channelled into a book project I’m working on. It’s about cycling, unsurprisingly, and in terms of process is not unlike cycling; you need to do a bit every day otherwise you end up behind and motivation starts to slip.

Things I have observed or noted this week include:

– a staggering amount of rainfall which has led me to question the cataclysmic end of my relationship with the turbo earlier this year

– the lack of any significant change in the aggressive and dangerous driving of a significant minority on the roads in a week when Bradley Wiggins won SPOTY

– tiredness and a sore throat and a hacking cough always arrive at the beginning of the holidays

– planning a week of ‘big miles’ is a surefire way to have a week of ‘practically no miles’

– the new BSCC kit looks amazing

2 thoughts on “On Off Switch

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  1. This all sounds familiar:

    – I remove mudguards to fit 30mm tarmac/ice tyres, then every weekend it miraculously thaws and is wet

    – about to jump on turbo to burn calories while I watching some streaming cyclocross

    – maybe they give as little of a f*ck as I do about SPOTY

    – cold finally defeated after nearly 3 weeks of tedious below-parness

    Is your new kit still as hi-viz as before? BTW, I’m just starting another vaguely cycling book. Will keep you posted (definitely DO NOT hold your breath), and feel free to reciprocate 🙂

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