Superstars and Kevin Keegan’s Crash

I watched most of ‘Superstars’ on the terrorbox today because I was led to believe that it included some sort of cycling hill climb. Lo and behold, they were based at Bath University and used a bit of the course from the VC Walcot hill climb. The celebrity super athletes were using a bicycle-shaped object to tackle ‘this vicious hill’.

I was quite surprised to see Mo Farah so far back, his power to weight should work well. Instead, the big guys dug deep and gave it some welly.

Here’s how it used to work back in the day:

Keegan’s riding is crashier than the 4th Cat winter series at Hillingdon. He wobbles scarily right at the outset and it’s no surprise that he gets fresh with the asphalt on the turn. His hairdo offers sturdy protection from the impact and after a swift half of Boddington’s he’s back on the bike and ready for another crack and willing to finish the job. I’m not sure who the other rider was but he looks like Jacques Anquetil in comparison; utter souplesse.


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