Roller Disco Playlist

The inclement weather has put paid to any vague notion i might have had that I may possibly be able to ride my bike on the road. i am not a fan of ice, it breaks bones and ruins seasons.

I have undertaken a number of constructive roller sessions this week, armed with a bottle of water, a garmin 500 and an ipod. Having a decent playlist makes an enormous difference to the quality of the session. This week’s playlist is an eclectic mix, the faster the better.

Elektrostatik, Plastikman; Sven Vath, Barbarella; Happy Cycling, Boards of Canada; Natural’s Not In It, Gang of Four; Mother Popcorn, James Brown; Spastik, Plastikman; Inaugural Trams, SFA; Stuck Between Stations, The Hold Steady; Beep It, Cornelius.

I’ve mostly been riding in zone 3 or 4.

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  1. Got the turbo out for the first time last night too. Must be something about riding a bike indoors that brings out the desire to listen to electronic music. Found myself listening to the Plastikman remix of System 7 today that I haven’t listened to for about 12 years. Odd coincidence.

    I also unwittingly managed to turn the turbo / fixed bike setup into an accidental lathe. Had headphones in and didn’t notice the (Italian threaded) bottom bracket was undoing itself. It pulled the non driveside crank arm inwards which got ground away by the fixed cup until suddenly the whole lot seized up! I wondered what the hell was going on. Then was very glad I’d chosen to use the turbo and not had it happen on a country lane in the dark and cold. Note to self : buy loctite for the DS of the italian BB.

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