Croydon Cyclist

I’ve been reading a blog called ‘Croydon Cyclist‘. Historically, i’ve held a degree of antipathy towards helmet-cam users. I feel that some helmet-cam use does more harm than good. It can create a damaging perception of cyclists as pious victims and presents an image of cycling on Britain’s roads as being a death-defying stunt, with cyclists trying to defeat the law of averages.

I like Croydon Cyclist’s blog. It’s a controlled and fluent exercise in cycling advocacy, and is both erudite and humorous. I also understand the difficulties of cycling in London, having done so from 2000-2008. He has a video up entitled ‘give cyclists space’. It’s a good one.

He also has series entitled ‘silly cyclists’. it captures some of the deranged and life-threatening behaviour of people on bikes, with the aim of improving safety for all cyclists.  It’s good to have a bit of balance. There’s a healthy deconstruction of one of Lucas Brunelle‘s films. He sets himself out as the foremost chronicler of the crazed world of the alleycat. His films mine a particular seam of teenage boy self-destruction and selfishness, with an accompanying heavy metal soundtrack. They’re not a defining example of some zeitgeisty cycling realism, but a spectacularly good recorded example of what happens when a bunch of crazily hip metropolitan folk take all kinds of ‘risks’ and do zany things in the face of oncoming traffic, happily ignoring the inevitable consequences of their actions, either for themselves, other vulnerable people or any wider perception of cycling as a whole. It’s then carefully or lazily packaged as some sort anarchic anti-commercial/capitalist, middle finger up to the man type of revolutionary statement.

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  1. You should not be proclaiming such acts of stupidity as hip and cool,particularly when conducted on
    Public land or highways……..shame on you

  2. Thats the crossing by my office. I have seen many many hideous acts of riding and even been mown down by a cyclist whilst the lights at red and walking half way on the crossing.i’m a long time cyclist of old but the band of modern cyclists have alarming habits. don’t know how we can improve this. get them on the next rollapaluza rigs at Muddock and give them a hiding.

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