Course au Soleil

I managed to get out on the open road this morning for a quick blast in the rain with two other BSCC chums, Sam and Ed. The ride was made more eventful by Sam’s extremely shonky and useless disc brake set-up, worn away by 2000 miles of heavy commuting. We had to ride on ahead on faster sections and shout warnings to give him enough braking time.

Sam laughs in the face of having a completely inadequate braking system

Most of the club’s road race contingent are out in Majorca enjoying the sun (or snow, judging by today’s pics, hahaha) and wearing their best pro kit. It looks terrific and i’d really like to head over there* one day to get some sunny winter miles in, mixing it up with the pros. Well, hitting max heart rate in order to tag along on their recovery rides.

Darkening Dundry

Despite the persistent rain and grimy filth encrusting the lanes, it was a really enjoyable ride. The weather might be closing in tomorrow, in which case it’s back to the rollers. I’m more than a little bit alarmed that the start sheet for the first race of the season has now been issued.  I have both speed to find and weight to lose.

Ed admires the view over Bristol

*apologies to any early readers for the horrific typo (even worser than usual)

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  1. It’s the law that once your a Dad you lose you’re ability two remember how two spell. My spelling has definitely got wurst in the last few sleep deprived years. Put me in front of a keyboard and I’ll find comma’s in all sort’s of place’s where their not s’upposed to be. And don’t even start to ask me the difference between their, they’re and there.

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