Increments of Creeping Lightness

The title of this post sounds like an emo band. I’d quite like to see how many blog post titles I can make seem like emo bands or albums by emo bands, maybe with a storm thorgerson cover.

Cycling throughout the year has its advantages, but perhaps nothing is more special than the gradual changes that occur steadily and surreptitiously  as one season gives away to another and subtle changes unfold. I’ve been struck by the emerging lightness of the mornings as the days grow steadily longer. This leaves me feeling fortified and heralds the advent of warmth and an end to nocturnal cycling, but also ushers in the point where lights can be left at home and summer bikes dusted off from the loft where they reside for the other 11 months of the year.

At the moment it seems a long way off. It’s achingly cold.



4 thoughts on “Increments of Creeping Lightness

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  1. It is indeed achingly cold. Did a turn or two around the U17 to test the roads. Teeth chattering as much from the surface as the temperature. That said there doing a good maintenance job on the worst stretch as we speak.

      1. Ha, yep 4 pot holes in a neat little row on the race line, and today a generous skid of slurry on the inside to really keep you on your toes!

  2. I’m liking the presence of a bit of daylight left in the sky when I leave work. Makes me feel like the day hasn’t passed me by quite so much in a blur of tweaking muddy BSOs.

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