Pinarello make the bikes for team sky, including the dogma and the graal used by Lord Wiggo. They’ve recently teamed up with Halfords and you can now find 9 of their steeds in a commercial industrial estate near you.

This is one of the new machines:

It is the ugliest bike I have ever seen.

I’ve seen some abhorrent diamond framed objects in my time, but this one takes the biscuit. Maybe they were hoping that it would be less desirable to thieves if they made it look like someone had already tried to steal it. Perhaps the good folk at Pinarello had some kind of epic creative detox mindstorm session and decided that matching wheels were just too damn passé. I really have no idea how this bike made it out of the warped mind of some crazily hip creative and into a bike shop. It’s called (the) ‘Only the Brave’, which means it’s also the worst-named bike in the world ever. They’ve really outdone themselves. It takes a huge amount of effort to produce something this nauseating. 

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  1. Looks like they photocopied the original drawings after they’d had a few creases put in them from being brought to work in the crazy young work experience kid’s “currier bag”.

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