A sense of loss

I rode my first hilly of the season. I enjoyed the race but now feel a bit battered and slightly out of it. There were 10 BSCC riders on the startsheet.

There were 3 BSCC riders on the startsheet for the Severn Bridge Road Race. The E12 event is a national curtain-raiser for the season ahead and featured a host of professsional trade teams, including Rapha Condor. It was abandoned after a rider from Herbalife Leisure Lakes was killed in a collision with a car.

I’m not going to speculate on anything to do with this. It’s a tragedy. You go to a bike race in the morning and expect to come home again in the afternoon. This hasn’t happened for one of the riders today. It’s heart-rending. My thoughts and feelings are with the friends, family, team-mates, riders in the race and anyone touched by it, no matter how distantly. It touches all racing cyclists and we all feel the sense of loss.

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  1. “It touches all racing cyclists and we all feel the sense of loss.”

    Very true. He raced on the road and therefore was ‘one of us’. We all know it can be dangerous and sometimes worry about the risks. He was only 23 😦 RIP Junior.

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