If you only do one thing, then sign this petition

sign this petition.

Racing on the road is a hairy business at the best of time, not least of which because every 5th cat thinks they’re Eddy Merckx after five minutes riding with chums on an overpriced piece of crabon. 

Truisms not withstanding, it’s also dangerous because we share the roads with traffic. The NEG do a fantastic job to ensure mass start road racing is safe, but there is more that could be done. In Wales the NEG and marshalls have the legal power to stop traffic for the  4-5 minutes it can take for the the main body of the race to pass (not the stragglers, once you’re off the back, you’re outside the convoy). This is a common-sense approach to a potentially dangerous situation and it makes racing in Wales a very different experience.

Junior Heffernan’s death in the Severn Bridge Road Race has left the sport reeling. BRistol Road Club have run the event for 41 years and it is known as an incredibly well-organised and safe event. The organiser is highly respected throughout cycle-sport in the South West and beyond.

Over and beyond the tragic circumstances, there is a compelling and logical argument to ensure that the NEG have similar powers here and those that love to race bicycles can do so within a framework that minimises risk as much as possible.

Paul Morton has worded this petition. Please sign it.

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