Hilly time trials are the best

You can’t beat a decent hilly time trial. It poses all sorts of questions and is a hurtful experience. This is partly why the WTTA series is a success; riders enjoy the non-standard distances and challenging courses, it requires much more than your standard out-and-back fare, including the ability to climb and to hit it hard on the flat.

Speaking to Jon Wynn afterwards he described how he’d enjoyed it; the sensation of having to think more about the line, changing gear, cadence and pacing, as opposed to the straightforward rumble of the 10 mile threshold, stick it in the big/small and grind it, flat TT experience.

The Gillingham Hilly¬†lasted for 19 miles. I scraped round in 44 minutes and 12 seconds at an average speed of 25mph. My maximum speed was 50mph, this occurred whilst descending one of the longer climbs on the extensions and in the 54:11. At this point things got a bit hairy. The TT starts on a long climb out of Bruton; I didn’t want to faff around with the big and small ring so went up it in the big dinner plate with a diagonal chainline, 54:22 all the way. I came 2nd and we just missed out on the team prize to a fearsomely strong Northover Vets outfit. I don’t think they cure sick animals.

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