Sick to the power of not rad

I haven’t had any races for a little while. It’s a natural hiatus and allows me a bit of time to do some other stuff. Racing less and training more is generally seen as a good thing; on occasion racing can get in the way of making progress. This week was intended to be a week of intensity with several slices of hill repetitions. It was scuppered by a 6 hours of vomiting on Monday morning. Even though i recovered quickly, i was unable to pedal in anger until Friday. I now feel slightly off-form which is disappointing considering I have a target event next Saturday. It’s always the way; something usually comes along to derail a purple patch of good form. Just ask Wiggo.

Saturday’s event is a 10 mile time trial near Tring. it’s reputedly got the strongest field ever assembled in an open 10, anywhere. The 150th rider in a massively oversubscribed race has a personal best of 21.24. That means the SLOWEST rider in the race can do 10 miles at 28mph. There are 40 riders in the race who have carded a 19 minute ride and 6 riders with an18 minute time to their name. 

The reason it’s so popular is because the most recent events on the course have been quick quick quick. As a result people are chasing fast times and hoping for nice weather. I somehow doubt i’ll be nudging the top ten in this one.

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