stupid o’ clock

A small part of me thinks I’m really determined and driven in order to get up at stupid o clock every day and do an hour or more on the bike incorporating several nasty hills before the working day. The rest of me thinks I’m entirely deranged.

This is what Bristol looked like this morning:

I have three hill climbs lined up this weekend. I was most perturbed by the course description for the climb out of Widdecombe (said the bishop to the rotund politician).

START: on B3387 just past the last house on the left (Mill House) when leaving the village (east bound), at the first tree on the left by the farm gate and just short of the 20% gradient sign

Sounds utterly disgusting. The field is also unreasonably strong. Specialist hill climbers are emerging out of the woodwork all over the place. They’re a particular and peculiar breed with untold powers of gravity defiance. Tejvan took the course record set by Mark Lovatt at the Cat and Fiddle last weekend, averaging 22mph for the climb. Mark Lovatt rode the world championships and won the premier calendar races. Tejvan is imperious on longer, 6-8% climbs. And most other climbs. He is at Porlock this Sunday where there is £300 on offer for the winner. In my own warped, self-esteem boosting, comparative world of madness, I noticed Ryan Mullen came 7th at the u23 World Championship Time Trial yesterday. He only beat me by .8 of a second on the Rake last year. The year before I beat him by 5 seconds. That kind of makes me a top 7 u23 world championship rider. Incidentally, I beat Mark Lovatt on the Horseshoe Pass, coming 4th behind Richard Handley who came 16th at the Tour of Britain this year. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Hup, Hup, Hup.





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  1. I’ve ridden that Widecombe climb a few times, it really is vile. Still – I am disappointed I can’t make it. I’m sure old uncle Tom Cobley and all will cheer you on your way up

  2. I love the way traumfahrrad clearly hates hills or perhaps just the training required to climb them at such horrifyingly quick times. Early mornings, repetitions, feeling sick, lungs bursting… no love there!

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