Burrington Classic

Next weekend sees the biggest event in the regional hill climb calendar, the Bristol South CC open event on Burrington Combe. Most hill climbs in the region struggle to get upwards of 30 riders; we’ve somehow managed to bag a full field of 120 with 42 club members on the start sheet. Even without the club it’s still a whopping 72 riders. It’s quite an exciting prospect; there will be foolhardy riders struggling past the Rock of Ages for 2 hours. I remain undecided as to whether I will be riding fixed or gears. I’ve gone faster on gears but that doesn’t really tell the whole story; i’ve won it on fixed. Weather is the single most important determiner of rapidity when it comes to vertical ascent in metres. I may opt for the fixed weapon simply because I enjoy riding it so much.

The day before is the Team Tor 2000 event on Westclose; it has a more typical field of about 20 riders. It’s a really challenging climb and like Burrington, heads from the bottom to the top of the Mendips, albeit in a shorter run. It has several changes in gradient but is still doable on a 57″ or so. If there’s a salacious tailwind i’ll probably ride fixed.

This past weekend saw glorious weather on the Saturday; suffice to say i wasn’t out on my bike. Sunday, on the other hand, saw revolting rain and wind. I opted to tackle the Hamilton Wheelers ‘Hell Climb’, a long ascent of the Highdridge side of Dundry. It’s an unsanctioned event, kind of like a club hill climb crossed with a sort of hipster bike race. I really like it. There were some lovely prizes; i took home a meal for 2 at Boston Tea Party (i’ve only just got through last year’s vouchers) and a lovely tool roll from Jon at the breakaway. I also got to retain the magisterial Gilet of Power, surely the greatest prize ever won.

too fast for the camera
the go-pro toting moped rider was quite terrifying
BSCC represent

Next year Bristol South are running a club event on the same course at the end of August.


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  1. It’s a shame to miss Burrington Combe again this year. But, I’m glad it’s growing to be a real classic!

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