All quiet on the western front

Since the National Hill Climb I’ve been taking things easy. I spent most of the two weeks afterwards eating solidly. I also did some drinking. It’s quite funny how one pint of a pale ale can induce feelings of confusion after a summer of abstinence.

I did get my 15 nano-seconds of fame in this video of the championship. I don’t feel so bad about things now. In fact, i’m almost pleased with how i went. 34th isn’t that bad. the video has some lingering close-ups on my feet and some commentary, a luxury not afforded to most of the other people. you’ll have to skip to 13.42 to get the full bongo shot.

I’ve been thinking about next year and what I might do, or not do. But primarily, I’ve been focused on finishing a project I started about 18 months ago. I’m working to a deadline and it’s taking precedence over other things, like cycling longer miles. There is a finite amount of time in the day. I am riding every day, the short hop to work and back. i’m trying to stay calm in the face of provocation and trying to avoid getting angry at random and terrifying car drivers and seriously sketchy commuter bike handling. I won’t mention the lights.

I will start again at the end of the month, build up slowly and enjoy things, climb up to the top of the Mendips in the coruscating heart of winter, before drifting silently through the darkening landscape.

One thought on “All quiet on the western front

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  1. 34th was excellent considering the course, conditions and calibre of riders, all of which were tough. And I too, am starting to think that the relationship between riders and drivers is getting worse.

    Great blog PJ keep the post coming it helps winter pass quicker.

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