Earworms and Bongo Bikes

I’d love to say i’ve been done a shedload of miles but it would be a bare-faced lie. i’ve been doing lots of things, but a ton of base definitely hasn’t been one of them. Nevertheless, this last week i have upped the mileage ever so slightly over the past 10 days, which isn’t saying a lot.

i went out yesterday for a perambulation around the lower Mendip slopes. The ride was chiefly memorable in these bike-boom times for the lack of cyclists. I did spot two europros tearing it up along Nailsea Wall on their best bongo bikes. They both had gleaming white campagnolo and castelli jerseys and some fancy pants overshoes. Bongobikes, riders, and white bongokit were liberally pebbledashed in a sub-mendipian slurry, which somewhat spoiled their otherwise immaculate stylings. Naturally, i remained aloof on the fixed weapon, with heavy overshoes and practical gorepath winning the day. 

I haven’t ridden gears since the National Hill Climb. Maybe it’s a post-traumatic response to that fretful day’s unfoldings. I always enjoy riding fixed, it’s my default and favourite steed. Currently, I’m really enjoying it. There are few things that beat the simple delight of riding fixed in winter. the only thing undermining the experience was an omnipresent and irritating tune lurking in my head. In the end it slipped away and was replaced with the much more benign ‘medway wheelers‘.

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