Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

At some point today I tweeted that it might well be a day for the rollers, rather than riding outside. Cue a fusillade of comments from the battled-scarred roadmen of Bristol; all loosely invoking that ‘what would Sean Kelly do” spirit, but with less finesse and more ‘MTFU’. I had to then point out that I had actually been outside on my bicycle already and, on reflection, felt the time may have been better spent indoors on the spinning barrels of plastic. Either way, I lived up to the whole ‘do your ride then decide if it was too wet/windy/filthy’ mantra.

I struggled today. I was caught in a meteorological oubliette where the headwind seemed to come from every angle. It made for heavy going and I wobbled in the face of adversity, unlike Sean Kelly who would have dented the callow headwind through sheer torque and brutal souplesse. Sean Kelly was hewn from granite.

Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert

The first 4 miles of my ride were much more sedate; my progress was interrupted by the encroaching high tide. it was very exciting. I took some pictures.

the chocolate path is listed. it also gets a bit slippery when it rains so i opted to take an alternative route.
No stairway!


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