This tweet caused quite a consternation on the interweb this week:

Aside from the obvious…

namely that Jeremy Clarkson is a troll of the highest order and also incredibly stupid in that way that only a specific kind of incredibly stupid person can be – the specifically stupid person who thinks they’re really clever…

There are a couple of other points to be made about this tweet of mittelenglander boorishness.

1. If anyone ever befitted the term ‘middle of the road pointmaker’, it’s surely His Royal Clarkson himself. he couldn’t have come up with a more apt moniker if he tried. Unless he’s being ironic, which requires an understanding of irony, making it extremely unlikely.

2. Describing a cyclist’s actions as he tries to stay safe and alive on a central London road as being a ‘middle of the road pointmaker’ seems to be the uppermost point of ill-thought out crass boorishness. It’s lazy, specious nonsense.

3. The only people making car drivers angry about cyclists are car drivers. Car drivers make themselves angry every day, several times a day. They’re crazy angry people. I’ve never met anyone who gets so angry over nothing as a car driver. It’s a mask of angst worn by many, and Clarkson is Lord of the Masquerade.

4. It’s quite impressive to see that Clarkson can multi-task; leaning out of the window whilst coming up to a zebra crossing and a junction in order to operate a camera phone. Good skills from the 7 foot tall, bejewfroed behemoth.

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  1. I too can’t stand the man, but I honestly don’t think Clarkson is either stupid or ignorant. He knows fine well what he’s doing. He’s built a career around his inflammatory stage persona, it’s how the man earns a living, and sadly there’s a huge global audience for it.

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