When base club becomes tempo club

After two weeks of not doing very much I’ve had a better week and managed to get out on the BSCC base club ride. It was great to catch up with club mates; they’ve been putting in the hard graft all winter and are now slowly turning their attention to the race season. The club road race is ridiculously early, at the end of March. This creates a feeling of pressure to have some semblance of form by then.

The pace increases with these rides as the real racing approaches. Up until now i’ve been doing them fixed, but have now reactivated the winter geared bike. it’s a Mercian 531c and I like it very much. it copes well with the inclement weather. I’ve also fixed a longer mudflap on the back using a 4 pint milk carton and a rivet. I’m quite please with myself.

Today was pretty hilly,a  short savage shock. It ended up being around 45 miles with several nasty climbs. I factored in a few extras, Chew Hill, Limeburn and Providence Lane. It was hard, but the miles are in the bank. We also avoided the worst of the weather; a miracle in these meteorologically miserable times.

In other news, i’ve resolved to stop shouting at motorists or cyclists with poorly-angle lights, or anyone who i deem to be somehow antisocial or worthy of a lambasting. It’s not healthy.

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  1. I cycled past someone smoking a spif yesterday. Resisted the temptation to sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as I went past 🙂

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