Exactly what the Orange C16r was designed and built for

I raced this weekend. I went quite quickly. 3 people went even more quickly than i went. I went downhill at 54.1 miles per hour whilst holding on to the bongo-poles and spinning out on the 54 tooth chainring. Simon Williams managed 58.6mph. He has 40 kilos on me.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful and we took the opportunity to go out on the first traumfamille bike ride. It was amazing. I jerry-built the Orange with Adam’s old Co-Pilot bike seat, put the small beast into the straps and then headed off to the park. My main aim was to see if the addition of a few extra kilos i might be able to knock over Simon Williams’ paltry 58mph on the downhill section of Victoria Park. Maybe if i attach some bongo poles and equip the small passenger with a taser.

The steed prepped and ready to go. I even oiled the chain. Armchair ride all the way to the finish for Traumbébé
See you at the bottom, Mum. Dad says we’re gonna top out at 59mph and Simon Williams is gonna be toast. HIT IT, DAD.
Not being funny Dad, but that wasn’t even, like, 15mph, let alone 58.
Winding it up in the (not very) big ring

For Dads thinking of doing something similar:

It helps having a bike as sturdy, stable and well-balanced as the Orange. It’s a mid 1990s rigid mountain bike and it rides beautifully. The addition of the co-pilot on the back didn’t affect the handling noticeably, there was no fish-tail effect and the bike didn’t feel top heavy either. I had expected a degree of nervousness and a general fear about carrying le p’tit on the bike, but it felt absolutely fine. I’ve stuck a bar bag on the front because I thought it might be more practical and avoided having things on the back to whack the passenger in the face. Speaking of face-whacks, it’s possible to boot the little one in the head when getting on the bike in the usual way. There are a couple of other ‘learned’ bike riding things that need to be unlearned, but if you’ve ever ridden a fully-laden tourer the same rules apply. Apart from all of that, it’s a wondrous experience to out riding on bikes with the family and a crafty way to expand upon the n+1. Start scouring retrobike now!

6 thoughts on “Exactly what the Orange C16r was designed and built for

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  1. As a girl who has no maternal bone in her body… whilst I appreciate that is a great way for the n+1 & I admire your sneakiness with that one… I think I’ll have to find another sneaky way of getting the next +1

  2. i’ve done the very same with my 20 year old ridgeback recently. Fitted a wee ride on the top tube. A few mods needed to stem hieight and position of the seat to avoid knee on seat pain but we’re away and best of all littl’un loves it.

  3. Nice bike!

    I went for the trailer option as there is space for both daughters eventually. Bit pricey but best thing I ever bought. I love taking her for a ride and she loves shouting at me to go faster when I slow on the hills. Not long until the youngest is old enough to come along too!

    Also, if it works for Bottrill…

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