Bigger, harder, faster, more… and morphological exemptions

Form comes and goes, and it’s a fickle, capricious beast. Last week i was slower than everyone who i measure myself against, by some distance. I was tired and run down; it was a hard day. I took a more rigid approach to training this week and tried to stay off my feet a bit when resting and recovering.

Today i went to the R course in Wales. I’ve changed the bars on my TT bike; it took 3 evenings of wrangling. I’m using the 3T aura pro. The bike is nearly UCI legal, ready for Thursday’s smashfest against the choppers. I left the extensions at normal length, rather than pulling them in to within the 80cm rule. This may or may not mean anything to you.

David Kiddell gets some cowbell at Burrington last October. Today’s ride was for David.

I had no expectations today – or more accurately, i had very low expectations. A brief test run, checking the new setup, felt ok. I was cautiously optimistic. I warmed up and again felt ok, free from the nagging, omnipresent fatigue. I rode away from the start and settled into a rhythm; characterised by trying to go as fast as i could, but also not overcook needlessly when I didn’t have to. I had some time and speed in the bag at the turn, but the home leg is really draggy and has wiped out fast rides for me before today. I clung on and hit the last corner at an alarming pace to stop the clock at 49.58. This is a 30mph average. It’s also the first 30mph ride ever recorded at 25 miles by a BSCC rider. I’m very happy. It puts me up into the lofty heights of the ‘fastest riders’ tables and makes me about number 130 in the ‘all time fastest riders’ list. I’ll take that.

My form appears to be back on the up again. Timely.

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