So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again. I have no fear of time.

It’s not been a deliberate silence or a wanton act. I haven’t actively sought to disenfranchise the three readers of this page by a wilful silence.

Time elasticates, at which point days become weeks and then months.

I have been busy, riding my bike, but also not riding my bike. I watched more bike racing. It has been a vintage season of spectating. the Tour of Britain came to Bristol; it seems somehow unreal that the current world champions for both disciplines rode along the Portway and up Bridge Valley Road. They failed to dislodge Andy Legge from the leaderboard.

He came to Southmead. The World Champion. He wanted to renew our rivalry after the legendary ‘battle of Newport’.


The rest of the time I have been hanging out with family, DNSing at hill climbs (I rode a few) and finishing a longstanding project. It’s this last bit that has killed the blog; it’s quite hard to keep up with a regular bit of writing when you’re trying to finish a 75,000 word book about cycling. This is now done, insofar as it’s sitting with the editor and I’m waiting nervously to see just how much of an overhaul is needed to make it acceptable to the wider reading public. It has taken 3 years so far. I was unmarried and childless when i started.

Hup Hup Hup!

Other significant events include the shocking and demented purchase of a set of 28mm tyres. Things are changing at traumfahrrad towers.


9 thoughts on “So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again. I have no fear of time.

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  1. 28’s noooooooo, oh wait … I’ve already fitted them 🙂

    book eh ? wouldn’t mind reading that when it comes out.

  2. Well done getting a draft finished. I’ll look forward to reading the finished article.

    I completed the second draft of a novel myself and then started another literary project, but then I stupidly lost momentum by engaging in some job hunting. Turns out the real displacement activity was the latter. You live and learn…

  3. I have been missing reading your stylish words, so great to see this post. Also obviously a lot more words to look forward to from your project, eagerly anticipating more news on this!

    Got 28s on my fixed winter road bike, feel much more secure on the current autumnal muck of mud and compacted rotting leaves.

  4. Nice to read your articles again, I noticed you hadn’t been on Strava either. Hope all is ok and have a good Xmas.

  5. It’s great to have you back, the lack of your blog has left my world empty and meaningless.

    28c tyres, pah! If you want proper winter tyres try 26×4″ fat bike tyres at 6psi. That is what I call resistance training.

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