The Story

A Happy New Year to all 3 of my readers. I hope you’ve managed to enjoy life and cycling. Strava are running an end of year feature which summarises your riding over the previous 12 months. The short videos are quite neat and judging by their ubiquity, a big hit with the cycling fraternity.

Here’s mine:

It seems to suggest a couple of things, namely that you don’t need to do extreme mileage to be competitive, and that if you’re not doing lots of mileage, racking up the climbing helps. It doesn’t tell the entire story, here are a few other highlights:

– I rode the National TT Championships against Bradley Wiggins and other assorted demi-gods.  use the word ‘against’ quite lightly, I finished 28th out of everyone in the whole country. This is a truth of sorts.

My ass, like, breaking the internet

– I scraped under the 50 minute mark for 25 miles with a 49.58. This is seen as a significant mark within the sport and I was only the 130th rider in the history of time trialling to manage this feat. It’s harder to dial in a 30mph ride at 25 miles than over 10 miles, pacing becomes more important and much easier to get wrong.

one finger for each second required

–  I set a new course record on the BSCC Aust circuit, something I’d been trying really hard to do for absolutely yonks. In the end I smashed it, as is usually the case. I also lowered the club 10 record with a 19.38.

– I rode the National Team Trial Champs with the Spinkmeister and Trotterz, we came 14th. We were beaten by Olympic gold medallists like Steven Burke, and World Champions like Katie Archibald. And some dodgy road-riding by a team of chumps who sat on our wheel. They know who they are.

– I won two open events, both 25s, both on the same course. I’ll settle for that.

Apart from the milestones, I enjoyed riding in France with Traumbébé et Belle, it was probably the highlight of all the cycling done. I plan to do more of this.



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