It’s really happening…

It’s been registered. Too late to back out now…


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  1. Hi Paul, just read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have recently return to cycling after being involved in a range of activities that share many thing in common with hill climbing and cycle clubs in general. Fell running, orienteering and climbing have the same feel of turn up with your mates and do something most people think is a little odd. Some of those taking parting will be as is said on the blurb on the back of your book “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. I can identify fully with I was really living in those three minutes. This was especially the case when I was climbing when you had to focus on completing the next few difficult moves, nothing was in the mind but the moves. I loved the self deprecation of your own efforts and the humour. I especially liked and agreed with your view of sportives. Living in Leeds I was out to see the Tour of Yorkshire the Tour de France “legacy” race and a friend of mine paid £40 odd to ride on open roads that he could have ridden with my club any weekend. Smacks of gentrification and commercialisation. I do Audax events myself, village hall, tea and cake and yes don’t look in the car park as people are getting changed for the start.

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