Talking about bikes and hills

On the off chance that one of my three readers is in London on the evening of 16 September, I’m doing a talk at the Rapha CC just off Regent’s Street.

How i came to be bowing down at the altar of high end bike mania is another story, of which I will write soon.

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  1. Hi Paul – got your book at the Rapha shop in Manchester – I was the guy who turned up late, dressed in black…wearing cowboy boots! Great read! I remember some of the greats and it was good to see Pete Graham & Gareth Armitage there. I didn’t know about your book until a couple of weeks before the show at the Rapha shop in Manchester It was advertised on the Manchester Wheelers club forum – I’ve been doing a blog on the cycling weekly forum under ‘The lounge’ section since last November about my (feeble) attempts to qualify for this years National Hill climb champs at Tinkers Monument…I’m up to week 41 now! I have actually written a book – its now at the ‘proof reading stage’ and ready to (hopefully) go up on Kindle?…It’s called ‘The Rochdale olympic, they’re as rare as Siberian Tigers!’
    Anyway – will hopefully see you at some of the hill climbs – I’ll be the guy dressed in…you guessed it…black…but not wearing cowboy boots this time!
    Once again a great read dude – my dad has the copy now and I can’t get it back off him!! Take good care – cheers Jon

      1. Okay fella! – Think the jacksons Bridge one is on saturday 10th Oct – I’ll be at that one so hope to see you there. Cheers jp

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