On panic training

After a season where most of my base mileage has consisted of walking to the playground and back with the occasional ride with a passenger, I’ve now started to prepare for hill climbs. I’ve left it very late. I will be resolutely uncompetitive, but feel as though I should ride, at the very least to support the book. It is a higher purpose. In light of this, I have started panic training. it’s a time-honoured method used by most cyclists at some point in their short amateur or professional careers. I have the following small tasks to achieve:

  1. Lose around 5 kilograms in 7 weeks. My ‘A’ goal is 7 kilos. My ‘C’ goal is 3 kilos. I look at it rationally, it’s a mere¬†kilogram a week. I can do this by riding much more and eating much less.
  2. In light of (1), ride much more. I have yet to do any intervals or hard efforts. I am focused on actually getting up hills without stopping. I have been getting up early and riding my bike.

There is some work to do. I am planning on riding a 1951 Ephgrave for the duration of the season. It’s a lovely bike. I shall post some pictures later this week.

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  1. Good luck with the panic training! Care to share what this involves? I need to embark on a similar approach, but first need to fully get rid of the cold that has recently blighted me.
    Time is running out fast.

    1. It involves riding your bike every day and not eating. Getting up at 5.40am to squeeze in a crepuscular excursion, then seeing if you can last the day on a banana and a peanut butter sandwich. It tends to work if you’ve already got race fitness and weight. I have neither, therefore it’s quite unpleasant. The sole motivation is to be able to fit into a skinsuit and not come last.

      1. Do you eat a normal evening meal? Hummmmm…..I could make a giant P & B sandwich….How do you keep from sneaking snacks??
        Ordered your book today and I look forward to the read.

  2. Hello, book is great gutted to have missed the Rapha CLub book talk, hope you had a good attendance of skinny chaps!

    What are you thoughts on riding a course like this fixed? There is a downhill section just at the start which gets up to about 27-30mph – longish drag up to corner then on to hill max out about 15%.

    Unsure how to gear it, need to get over and have a try. Just wondered if you had any tips?



    1. Usually, what’s the biggest gear you can push over the steepest section… Go with that. You’ll spin at the bottom which is fine, you can overcook fast bits if not careful. It’s also worth noting that unless it’s very shallow you’re not likely to spin out the gear; even a 60″ allows over 20mph before the cadence gets silly.

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