This year’s National is shaping up to be a classic. The podium in the Otley 2 stage, taking in the climbs of Norwood and Guisely, gave witness to a veritable smörgasbord of championship winners. It’s fantastic to see Jim Henderson back at the sharp end.

The women’s event looks like it might include a current competition record holder and worlds TT competitor.

And I’ll be riding, if I can get in. This will be a considerable factor in the vintage nature of the event.

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  1. Hi Paul – has young Mr Borek been transported from one of those dodgy 80’s teen movies?…Nice headband though!

    Hope to see you at the Huddersfield Star event dude…and don’t worry I’ll be the one finishing last…maybe I’ll even win a prize eh?…still persisting with the fixed – though it will be a 38×22 for me…oh these tired old legs! Keep rockin’ dude! Cheers jp x

    Ps Is Jim Henderson seriously making a comeback?…if so way to go fella!

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