I’ve aborted my season. It’s been kiboshed by a revolting cough that comes with thick ropes of mucous and a tubercular affectation. The mudguards are back on the Bob and I spent the weekend watching other people hurt themselves in the name of cyclo-sport. I am looking forward to attending the National free from the technical constraints of actually having to race. If any of my three readers are there, please say hello. I may even produce some sort of banner or signage to chase riders with, a la Simon Warren.



6 thoughts on “Abort

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  1. Thought you might have ended after not seeing you this weekend. Hope the cough improves soon.

    Could bring a bike to shake at people – always goes down well at burrington.

    1. Yeah, oh well. It’s not like you can hide in the bunch at a hill climb.

      I’ll be the one wearing red and gold and shouting at you with a cowbell and a pink squidgy horn (no pun intended).

  2. Hope you’re better soon. Hope you enjoy spectating as much as I did at Cat and Bec. I also had mechanical problems at Walcot and underachieved as a result. My legs and lungs malfunctioned terribly!

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