Road buzz vs vigorelli and the cracked rib challenge

One of the definitive tests used these days in the high-end consumerist world of bike sales is the amount of ‘road buzz’. The only thing that rates higher in the semantic spuff stakes of a bike review is ‘lateral compliance’, a phrase full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

On Monday I added a new framework to the lexicon of bike testing; the broken rib road buzz challenge. I made the brave utterly stupid decision to ride my bike home. This is because I knew that taking the bus would take about three days and if i did so I wouldn’t make it home in time to see my small children. My bike was still at work following on from Friday’s shenanigans.


The Bob Jackson Vigorelli is a 631 Reynolds steel frame. It’s lovingly made and is a pliant frame, in the way that only high end steel can be pliant. When you really push through the pedal stroke you can feel the frame flex under the power and force. This wasn’t something I fully exploited on Monday. Generally, the frame smoothed out the road surface to a degree, especially in combination with Vittoria 25mm tyres. However, it didn’t prevent every striation and undulation in every chip of gravel from travelling up through the frame and ending up in a shaking incision of pain in my upper left ribs. Speedbumps and road mess left me wincing in pain.

I can confirm that the Bob Jackson Vigorelli has failed to successfully smooth out road buzz when put through the broken rib challenge. I will try the Orange C16 Clockwork at some point soon and will update all 3 readers of the differences.


2 thoughts on “Road buzz vs vigorelli and the cracked rib challenge

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  1. what you need is an early example of race crafted aluminium loveliness … oh hang on, they were
    about as compliant as the fourth road bridge 😉
    on a less flippant note … i found sleeping slightly propped up was more bearable than led flat

  2. I’ve also tried steel bikes for broken collar bones, fractured arms, wrists, and an assortment of other ills and came to a similar conclusion: steel frames CANNOT “make up” for being jacked up!!!! I injured an eye once in a motorcycle race (dirt clod in the eye…googles were muddied up so I pulled them down…stupid…)) and simply looking at my steel bikes hurt……

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