The King

“I look at the sky, expecting a heavenly chorus. Instead, somewhere a dog barks.”

alf 1975Alfrecord


Alf Engers rang me up out of the blue the other day. He introduced himself over the phone by counting down from 5 to 0, like a timekeeper at the push. He’d read my book and we met very briefly at the Pedal Club when I gave a talk. Apparently he liked my sense of humour and attitude. He’s quite the raconteur and I’m optimistic that this is the start of a new project. Three phone calls in and I’m already overwhelmed by writeable stories.

He also asked me if I was still racing. Alf Engers. Asked me about my bike riding.

9 thoughts on “The King

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  1. Where do I send my money for a book pre-order???? Fantastic news! I live in the USA yet Mr Engers is my cycling hero……

  2. That quote is beyond brilliant. Funny and very real. I can almost see the face, feel the emotion and read the entire story that precedes it. Quick, get that book published!

  3. Oh, no social media share buttons at the bottom of your posts? Deliberate? Maybe, but they will send you the most treasured prize a writer seeks (after a book deal!), readers.

  4. Get that book published P.J. If its half as good as, “A Corinthian Endeavour” it will be worth reading, but I suspect it will be up there with it.

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