Keep on moving

I’m wary of using the phrase “back on the bike”, because over the past two years it hasn’t been true. There have been a couple of false dawns, times where I’ve ridden a little bit more than usual. However, this year I’ve bucked the trend and managed to up the mileage, and get some of my previous discipline back, i.e riding when you know you can, because there won’t be other opportunities. I think last year my longest ride was about 45 miles and I managed no more than three of these. The rest were 6 mile commutes. As a direct result my weight went up by around 10-11 kilos, to where it is now, just shy of 80kg. I don’t feel particularly corpulent, but I am 6″1, so it’s not an unhealthy or corpulent weight. My waist has ballooned out from 30″ to 32″, and this has been the most costly expansion in terms of work clothes. Rather than buy a new wardrobe, I’m trying to lose some of this weight so i can squeeze into my older gear.

Thus far, I’ve managed 326 miles this year, I’m aiming for 150 miles per week. The elevation is racking up, I’m on about 6,500 metres. I’ll carry on and see what happens. It’s good to be riding, to be out on the Mendips, and to be feeling the dullness in the legs.



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  1. just completed “minor” heart surgery (stents) so I know only too well what you’re going
    through although I may have the same weights and measures as you I lack the verticle
    portion so more weeble than cyclist 😉

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