The Mendips

I’ve been off the bike for 6 days. In days of yore, this wouldn’t really matter, but when you’ve spent pretty much 2 years off the bike it suddenly becomes something more significant; a harbinger of something, a change to a hard-fought rhythm, a reawakening of inertia. I’ve been ill; horribly snotty and overworked.

Today a window opened and I managed to defenestrate myself. It was wet and grotty, so I saddled up the fixed wheel and made for the Mendips. I feel lucky to live within a short distance of the Mendip Hills. A typical ride on fixed takes in the shallower, longer climbs. Today: up and over Dundry via Strawberry Lane (Fly-Tippers’ Delight), Parsonage Lane, Burrington, dodging the Mendip Wood Shaving Artics en route to Shipham, up Redhill and around the airport, up Belmont.

My stated aim for the day was to get out on the bike, but once I realised I had the legs to tap out a rhythm and do some steady climbs, I resolved to hit the 1000ft per 10 mile marker. This is a vague indication of a toughish ride. It felt ok, I tapped it out and didn’t do anything too strenuous. Fixed is fairly limiting anyway.

Bank of cloud rolling across the top of the Mendips

Hopefully it’s just a temporary blip. It was nice not to be coughing up thick ropes of mucous for the first time this year. We’ll see. The miles are mounting up.



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  1. The feet and waves talk??? Well done for getting it especially on the orange fixter that is bobby Jackson you will soon be flicking through the pages of CTT handbook how about the cs dynamo 10 at honiton low key out the area under the radar ??

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