Rul2 28 aero socks?

There is a funny rule in the CTT handbook which says something like “your elbows must not be more than 3cm in front of a line drawn up from the middle of the head tube”. I don’t think this rule has changed. However, the West District Council recently put forward a motion to the CTT Grand Vizier, arguing for the inclusion of a diagram into the handbook in order to show what it looked like. They really shelled out on the diagram. My hypothesis is that someone at the meeting, possibly influenced subconsciously by the fake news agenda and all things brexity, was absently-mindedly doodling the Manx flag crossed with a swastika made of arms amputated by pinking shears, with the intention that the whole thing would tessellate into a post-Escher thing of beauty. However, in all the hubbub of the South DC having their resolutions vetoed they forgot and left it lying on the table. It was then mistaken for the definitive 3cm drawing by the good burghers at the West DC.

Image result for 3 cm rule time trial

Anyhow, it’s neither here nor there. It outlaws people breaking the spirit of the guidelines, i.e the out-and-out pursuit of aerodynamics at the expense of anything else, which, let’s be honest, is very tedious and brings nothing  more than another moribund dimension to the ‘sport’ of riding up and down roads you wouldn’t touch with a shitty stick at any other time of day, unless in a tank.

I don’t really have much to say on the matter. I do know I had to make some serious adjustments in order to ride the National Time Trial championships in 2015 (did i mention this was the same race as Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas and David Millar and Luke Rowe? Oh? I forgot? It was) and it was fine and i think i ended up quicker than before because I somehow managed a 49 minute 25 the week before whilst trying out the new position. So, in short, this:


All 126 pages of madness on the time trialling forum… is really quite a read. 126 pages of mostly male internet chat about a clarification of an existing rule. But it is mildly diverting. As is this:


I’m not sure what my favourite stem is. I used to favour a 17 degree drop but I’m getting old and it’s not really the ideal angle for a carradice bar bag. But I do know that ‘Favourite Stem’ sounds like a a chinglish t-shirt slogan.

Project Shiny is a reference to my new touring bike. No-one seems to understand the nature of project shiny.

But the threads are endless, new ones of esoteric wonderment keep cropping up, keeping me away from project shiny which nobody seems to understand the nature of, sucking me back in again, time after time.


And I just have to stop what I’m doing and find out about Rul2 28 aero socks? Just in case there is something in there and someone might take photos of me whilst riding on my touring bike and zoom them in and check for infractions.

just when.gif

The lure of the TT forum can be defeated. But only for so long. It’s a seething hotbed of time trial erotica and bongo chat. There are millions of questions in search of conflicting answers from a vast repository of latent male autism in cycling form.


99 probs.gif

Hit me.

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  1. PJ be brave and do what I do ride a standard steel Condor Accacio without any aero condiments go slower by 3 minutes but feel utterly fantastic that you didn’t warm up on a turbo trainer and rode to the best of your ability without any help I’m now finding open events are promoting standard road bike classes like 1983 until I can’t beat Engels time of old I’m sticking to retro x

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