Sense of an Ending

Post tour:

A strange feeling of not knowing what to watch, or what to avoid when you haven’t watched it. The sudden fear when you check social media at 5pm without thinking – only to remember that it doesn’t matter anymore. The point where all the armchair critics disappear for another year and the anti-sky cant vanishes overnight.

Trying not to wish your life away in the wait for the Vuelta, because it also signals the end of the summer holiday.


4 thoughts on “Sense of an Ending

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  1. Ha, had this exact same feeling today, especially the part about the Vuelta, which always signals the start of hill climb season, cooler mornings and darker days.

  2. Was there something cryptic that went right over my head? After weeks of waiting – the blogs have ended, not sure about the other reader – I’m actually missing them.

    1. Not per se, although someone else made this comment. I’ve been embroiled at work and then working on the Alf Engers book at all hours… Not enough hours in the day.

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