Arms of Pleonexia

I haven’t disappeared again – fear ye not, all three of thee. Thy shalt be rewarded with assorted drilled bike parts whence thou reaches the pearly gates.

I have been doing the following: 

  1. Working on Rollapaluza stuff with Caspar Hughes; mostly road danger reduction and education resources.
  2. Finishing the Alf book, which is so nearly there I can see it and touch it. In virtual form.
  3. Sorting the reprint for Corinthian Endeavour which is done and out in March. It has two new chapters and Maclolm Lelelot’s name is spelt correctly at least once.
  4. Not riding as much as I should have been, considering I’m riding from Barcelona to St Malo on 5 March (and the following days, I’m not doing a Gareth Baines ultranutter shitfest)
  5. Applying for jobs, without being entirely sure what it is I want to do with this thing called life, apart from not do what I was doing before.
  6. Marvelling  at the fact that zwift has a rain setting, and now has a thing for runners.


As you were.


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  1. Not sure if you would consider doing a cycling podcast on timetrials. I’m sure you could make it quite successful and might tie in well with your writing. Bon chance

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