On Safer Cycling

I have come to the conclusion that the provision of cycling infrastructure in Bristol is utterly awful and the council doesn’t give a shit about the safety and life expectation of young children. The simplest way to reach this conclusion is to plan a ‘safe’ ride with young children, and see how viable it is to navigate through this supposedly forward thinking city. The next simplest way is to look at the condition and design of our roads outside primary schools.

I’m currently locked in battle with Bristol Council in a desparate bid to reduce road danger outside my daughter’s primary school. I’m staggered by what masquerades as priorities. For instance, at this moment in time, Bristol are not repainting any road markings whatsoever, and not tackling road safety issues until a new system of wards and budgets has been signed off. This has been happening for 18 months. This is the result:

I call this  the”spot the road markings” game. Bonus points if you can guess why the school has put barriers out. 
I call this the ‘spot the zebra crossing’ game. 

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  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    Yesterday I had cause to do what is known as ‘utility’ cycling. From home, to a shop, to the station, and home.

    Even as an experienced and confident cyclist I was mentally plotting my route as I went to take in as many nicer, less traffic impacted sections as practical. I wasn’t in a hurry.

    It was horrible. Although there were plenty of bits of cycle route/shared path/bike lane/bus lane none of it joined up. I was often dumped back in the road with no signage or clue as to where to go next. If I hadn’t lived in the city for 20 years I would have been totally lost.

    I suspect councils get credit (grants?) for total cycle lane distance. It’s pointless if none of it actually goes anywhere useful and continually leaves you playing second fiddle to motorised traffic AND pedestrians.

  2. Sadly it is similar in most cities lives have a price and lives have to be lost before councils will justify spending the money on road safety

  3. Where do you start !

    1) Spend any time in Holland and you will realise that “UK cycling provision ” is a sick joke.

    2) Ask the banks to put their hands in their pockets, like tax payers did for them when the banks went bust.

    3) I have a 4 mile commute to work that involves the most convoluted round-the-houses route because anything that touches a main road is ridiculously dangerous (and I speak as someone with 30 years of club cycling experience).

    Hey, and it’s nice to see posts from your other two readers . . . regards to all 🙂

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