Time Off the Bike

The talk went well – there were lots of people and I’m fairly sure that at least two of them weren’t either friends or family. It was a tough gig – the first bit of talking I’ve done about this book, and the book isn’t out yet. I was really grateful that people came along, listened, and then asked questions. Sometimes people ask questions and you know the answer. This is most gratifying because you feel like you actually are an expert.

Prior to my talk, Jack Thurston did some Lost Lanes stuff. It was full of super images and made me want to go and bivvy out on a micro-adventure somewhere on a hill in Somerset. The book – Lost Lanes West, but any of the three will do – is absolutely great.

And on to time-off – I went out riding in the rain the other day and came a cropper on West Harptree. It’s a stinky descent and the surface was really wet and greasy. My tyres were old and a bit slippery, which was fine in all the beautiful weather we’ve been having, but not when there is a thin film of moisture and diesel oil. The front wheel went out and I went down like a sack of potatoes. It was as hard as I’ve crashed for a very long time. I slid down the road on my side, taking the skin off my hip, elbow and knee. I did some damage to my shoulder – soft tissue damage and some very minor ligament thing that has initials but isn’t anywhere near as bad as some other chums have experienced lately. It seemed to twist something and it runs down my arm.

Since then, I have been mostly sticking to things – trousers and bed sheets – and posting up epic instagram pictures of my injuries, trying to make them look as bad as possible. I have received lots of sympathy, mostly along the lines of, “Why were you on Harptree in the wet?”, “Forgot how to descend have we?”, and some troubling comments about my chins due to the unflattering angle of one of the pics.

You live and learn. I have learnt that hydrocolloid dressings are really really good. Thank you James for the recommendation.

Thisi is my sling. This is my PED bag. It is where I keep my PEDs.
These are my elbow wounds. And these are my chins. I have many chins. 
This is my super sticky leg hole. 
This is Anthony pissing in the wind. 

I would like it noted that after my crash I rode the 13 miles home.


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  1. Glad your injuries were relatively minor and hope you’re back on the bike soon. My HC training was going well until nearly 7 weeks ago, when, just before the end of a ride, I hit a bump in the road on a fast descent and flew over the handlebars. Broken shoulder blade, ribs and lots of cuts and grazes, but could have been much worse. I managed to walk the 200 metres back to my house and like you, only had to replace the bar tape! Back on the bike now and putting in some hard hill efforts, just taking it very easy on the descents. Take it steady.

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